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My name is Keith Ho. I was born in Hong Kong and my family and I immigrated to the United States in 1986. It was hard here in the beginning because I knew very little English. The culture was so different from Hong Kong. I had grown up with anime and manga such as Gundam, Dr. Slump and Kamen Rider, but here I had to switch over to G.I. Joe, HeMan, and the Ninja Turtles. It took my family and I about three years to finally adopt the US as our new home.

Since I did not speak English well the couple years, I spent most of my time drawing anime and super heros at home and school. My fourth grade teacher saw my early talents and allowed me to decorate the classroom. At the end of fourth grade, she gave me a book called Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair. The rest of the summer I went crazy drawing everything in sight.

Once I entered high school, I fell in love with video games. While playing Street Fighter II with my friends, I always became the game critic of how to make the game better and more fun to play. So upon graduation, I followed a friend, an engineer major, in my first year of college. Drafting classes were not so interesting, but as soon as I took my first 3D modeling class, it sparked my new education path.

As a fresh Animation major, the movie Toy Story had just been released. It truly inspired my studies at Cogswell College. So I focused on computer video imaging and majored in character animation. Upon graduating with honors, I was hired at VR1 Entertainment as a junior character animator. In 2005 I was hired at SCEA as a character animator to PlayStations NBA title.

Now after eight years working in the gaming industry, I can say it's been a great road and I look forward to many more creative years!